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Band In A Box

Band In A Box Review - OpenMic.USI ran into a new software program called, 'Band In A Box,' at the recent NAMM show in Anaheim, California. After talking with their marketing director, Cat Cantwell, I knew that I had to give this product a ride.

I do a lot of solo-acoustic performances. I mainly play classic rock covers. I've stayed away from midi backing tracks and drum machines, opting to use a Digitech harmonizer for that little extra 'something.'

Band In A Box is different. It uses real, professional musicians, playing real instruments, to provide a genuine band sound. The amazing thing is that the backing tracks are created by making a few simple choices.

With just a quick read of the instructions, I was able to create a 'killer' backing track in just a few minutes.

I created a new track, chose my tempo, style, and instrumentation, then I added the chord changes. I was very impressed with the end result.

If you're looking for a cost-effective, easy way to add drums, bass, and almost anything else you'd want, to your solo act, I highly recommend, 'Band In A Box.'